We want to change the world.

We like to think that we can change the world and improve children’s lives.
We feed our ideas to make them real. Few things are impossible.

We love people.

People are the best we have. Without people, nothing would be possible.
Each person is unique in its own and capable of opening a universe of creativity and knowledge.
We look for dreamers that have challenged their most logical life and coherent decisions in search for something better.
The more we are, the better we’ll be. Each person doesn’t add, they multiply!

Problems are our source of inspiration.

SillyBilly is the proof of that.
Problems are wonderful because once you know them, there’s only one way out: to solve them.
Let’s challenge the ‘established’ ideas and structures, searching for better things.

No fun, no SillyBilly.

We want to have fun with what we do, just like kids have fun every day. 

Our team:


Rocío Abarca

Malabarista del día a día. Day-to-day juggler. Knowing what to prioritize is the only established order in her life. This is one of the key learning she has gained along the way of building SillyBilly. SillyBilly has been the catalyst that broke her habit of leaning completely on the left side of her brain and clearing the way to the flourishing of her right side, thus challenging her need for logic, allowing his dreams and imagination to become her valuable common sense. 

There is still a long way to go, but she is sure she will become 100% SillyBilly.

Elena Puerta

Daytime dreamer, passionate, energetic and wild. She was born under a lucky star and is always ready to achieve whatever she sets her mind to. Mom of three SillyBilliers (Alex, Julieta and Javier) and married to her best friend, Fer. Her life, an endless madness, is full of responsibilities and few hours of sleep but always full of laughter.

Educated in business, strategizing is her profession and entrepreneurship is her vocation.


Blanca Calatayud

Blanca Calatayud, Nutritionist specialist in children.

Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics, doctoral thesis on “The impact of the Mediterranean diet on childhood diseases”, Cum Laude from the University of Castilla la Mancha.

Together with her father, pediatrician Fernando Calatayud, they conduct continuous research on infant nutrition. Together they have their own nutrition clinic: http://pediatrianutricional.com

She is intelligent, cheerful and, as her patients say, “explains everything very clearly.” She fully relies on nutrition as a way to achieve good health.